The Way Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

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The Way Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

The Way Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

SKU: 9789960740928
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This book presents the right way for the Muslims to live up to the standards set by the Qur'an and Sunnah so that the success in this life and the life hereafter can be realized. Each aspect related has been supported by the Verses and Ahadith to give the true perspective of the right way so that it can be adopted accordingly.

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A Note from the Publisher
It is my pleasure to publish the English translation of one of the great works of Sheikh Muhammad Sadiq, who has authored and compiled many valuable religious books on various important topics.

This book 'The Way of Prophet Muhammad (S)' has acclaimed distinction because of his easy to follow style of presenting logical and documental text supported with relevant Verses of the Qur'an and Ahadith of the Prophet Sheikh Muhammad Sadiq has pointed out the right way for the Muslims to adopt and remain careful about that. It is the absolute fact that only the right way can lead us to success in this life and the life hereafter; and the right way is no more different from the one Allah has shown us through His Messenger. No deviation in it, according to the wish of anyone can bear fruits. So we have to check again and again during our life that we are not deviated from that way in any belief, deed or act of worship.

By the help of this book, we become aware of all the matters which are not in accordance with the way of the Prophet (S) and it becomes easy for us to not to follow any other except the Prophet and his Companions.

We must pray always that the help of Allah may remain with us to provide the guidance needed in this regard.

Abdul-Malik Mujahid
General Manager

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