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Dear Brother/Sister,

As Salaam-u-Alaikum اسلام اليكم

DeenSquare is...

   ...a breath of fresh air.

   …a wholesome array of Education & Lifestyle Products. 

   …a means of helping one another achieve Jannah. 


We welcome you at Deen Square. Deen is an Arabic word which can be translated as "Religion" or "Way of Life". The aim of Deen Square is to assist our brothers and sisters in having a one-stop shop access to products relating to our Deen in the fastest, most efficient way; through superior service, affordable prices, all done in an excellent manner, adhering to the natural Islamic tradition of integrity in business dealings.

We want to alleviate the issues raised by our brothers and sisters. Few of which include: running across multiple shops and sometimes even cities to get the desired products. Then we have to deal with parking and traffic woes! And when we manage all of that, at times we are turned away by learning that it is not in stock. Needless to say, we should all invest our time wisely and hence the launch of this portal. Our mission is to provide everyone access to Islamic Products through our online store, making this also easy for customers who are not able to visit the stores during normal working hours.

At Deen Square, you will find thousands of enlightening products that have been added and will continue to grow in sha Allah. We are continuously updating and adding new Islamic & Muslim-themed products. Check back frequently for more selection. We anxiously await your feedback on what you would like being added and if there is any Islamic product that you are searching for and is not found on our website. We take every feedback seriously as it is a means of helping one another in our Deen.

It is our goal to serve by following and adhering to the Islamic principles and guidelines set forth by the natural Islamic tradition, and other accepted sources which promotes honesty, integrity, faithfulness, and goodwill towards others. Our goal is to create something Life Changing within every household. Please note that we operate as a Marketplace and hence stock availability can be confirmed by the seller only after an order is placed.

In conclusion, we hope we've got great deals on our selection of Islamic products to offer you as your final destination for Islamic shopping online. We will at all times be striving to provide excellent service, affordable prices, update continuously with new products, and provide outstanding customer dedication, Insha'Allah. We look forward to earning your trust and goodwill and continuously look for ways to improve quality and add value to the products you purchase.

If there is any way we can be of further help to you, please feel free to chat with us online or contact us by email at info@DeenSquare.com 

The Deen Square is also on Facebook. Please like our page to be kept updated with our special & new products > https://www.facebook.com/TheDeenSquare

We thank and praise only Allah for all the blessings he has showered upon us. From the Team at The Deen Square, we hope you have a wonderful experience here.

Wa-Alaikum As-salam

Deen Square Team

Al Tadabbur General Trading LLC
United Arab Emirates