Sunehray Haroof
Sunehray Haroof
Sunehray Haroof

Sunehray Haroof


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This book “Sunehray Haroof" consists of short stories and incidents that occurred during the life time of Prophet (Peace be upon him), Rightly Guided Caliphs, Salf-us-Saleheen, renowned kings/ rulers and other shining stars of the Islamic history. The purpose of these short stories is simple; providing real-life lessons to the readers.

The book provides a clear understanding of our ancestors, their thorough and firm knowledge, their intelligence, proper comprehension, modesty, sacrifices and their endeavors to elevate the truth. This is particularly rewarding book for youngsters that will find it a helping hand in living as per Islamic principles.

Salient Features:

• Short stories from the lives of successful people
• Golden words about successful living.
• Complete guide on living an ideal life
• Easy to understand language
• References to the original sources

SKU 9960-9706-5-5
Language Urdu
Cover Type Hard Cover
Number of Pages 400
Product Dimension 14x21
Author/Artist Abdul Malik Mujahid
Publisher Darussalam

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