Sandal Oil Wood Tin
Sandal Oil Wood Tin

Sandal Oil Wood Tin


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Hemani Sandal Oil Wood Tin - 1kg
Fragrant hard and heavy heartwood from the sandalwood tree, Santalum album, is obtained from the sandalwood oil used in perfumery, tobacco industry and medicine
Indian sandalwood has long been used as incense. The pale yellow essential oil is used in many fragrances as base notes.
Dimension of the individual pieces of sandalwood is about 125mm x 22mm.

Manufacturer's Description

Genuine sandalwood (Santalum album, the Indian Sandalwood) is very precious because of the trees is now endangered. Possession, trade and storage of sandalwood are therefore regulated by law in India. In Indonesian East Timor of the sandalwood tree is under protection: Due to the deforestation almost the entire stock was destroyed in the past. It is proven that sandalwood - that for centuries most important asset of the island - was traded since the tenth century between Timor, China and India. Previously came from there the best quality of sandalwood. Meanwhile sandalwood is grown and used in many tropical areas. The sandalwood tree is evergreen and is in India up to 20 meters high.

Fragrant parts

The heartwood is light yellow brown and darkens with age. It has an exquisite fragrance and has a feature that is appreciated by the people of India, the East Indies, China, Japan and Korea have long: It can resist attack by white ants and termites. The amount of oil content is in the heartwood about four percent, in the roots of about six percent. The smell of the obtained by steam distillation essential sandalwood oil is sweet-balsamic, warm and velvety. A particularly high quality of this wood is obtained from more than 30 year-old trees. Thus the wood is one of the expensive raw materials in the perfume industry.

Manufacturer Hemani

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