Moroccan Ghassoul

Moroccan Ghassoul


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Ghassoul, which comes in the form of bars and dissolves in water, is an ultra-gentle face care product, and is also excellent for body and hair care.Ghassoul is used mainly as a mask; a face mask to eliminate excess fatty tissue and to tone the skin, or as a hair mask-conditioner to strengthen and cleanse greasy hair. Ghassoul is also a body care product that is applied like soap, rubbed in and then rinsed. The skin is thoroughly cleansed and becomes clear, soft and radiant.

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have been the reverse and it was ghassoul that gave it the name ghassala, after the toponymy of the Ghassoul Djebel earth deposit. It is pronounced as “rassoul” and this form of spelling is often used, as well as “rhassoul”, but all these names apply to the same product.

Ghassoul is nothing other than a clay generated by the sediment of a lake dating from the Tertiary era and the decomposition of volcanic rock. Nowadays, it provides us with amazing clay that is purified to which an assortment of sun-dried flowers is added to enhance its fragrance, and essential oils to multiply its benefits. It is an entirely natural beauty care product. The clay is regularly subjected to mineralogical and chemical tests ensuring its purity and is certified by the CFTA and Ecocert organic product labels.

Ghassoul contains no detergents or foaming agents and acts through absorption, cleansing and moisturizing the skin in depth.  PH-neutral, naturally gentle, it is perfect for all types of skin, in particular dry and delicate skin. Enriched with myrtle or jasmine essential oils, ghassoul is a refined beauty care product which plays a major role in the hammam, a ritual dedicated to beauty and well-being.


Prized for its softening, astringent and absorbing properties, ghassoul is a valuable product for washing and the care of sensitive skin.

The clay is naturally rich in provitamins and minerals with a high magnesium, iron, zinc, sodium, phosphorus and potassium content. By virtue of their powerful moisturizing properties, these mineral absorb and eliminate skin impurities. Once rid of excess fatty tissues and dead cells, the skin is able to breathe again, regenerate itself and recover its natural softness.

Contrary to other dermatological clays, ghassoul contains little aluminum and calcium oxide. The clay is therefore extremely gentle and can be used as a face mask around the contour of the eyes. As it is able to absorb large amounts of water (15g of ghassoul absorbs 25ml of water), ghassoul is a powerful cleansing agent and moisturizes the outer layers of the skin. It acts to relieve congestion and as a scrub, eliminates blackheads, tightens the pores and brightens the complexion. It has many dermatological and beauty care applications, and can be used for many things, from washing cream for the hair to a purifying mask for the body.


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