Miracles in Our Bodies

Miracles in Our Bodies


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Each one of the trillions of cells in our body fulfills its tasks perfectly as a result of Allah's perfect plan, so that we may lead our lives without any difficulty. Waking up every morning to go to school, tasting the sweet flavor of honey, breathing without any difficulty, running in your school garden and playing with your friends, writing, reading and lots of other things you do are thanks to Allah's compassion and mercy. Like all other things on earth, Allah has created you perfectly and given you everything you need. What you should do in return is to give thanks to our Lord, Who has given you all these blessings that are much more valuable than any other present you may be given in this world. This book will lead you to reflect upon your bodies. It will show you how perfectly and elaborately the human body has been created by Allah. Once you read the book, you will love Allah even more and thank Him. You will not be surprised at the neglectfulness of the people around you, who do not reflect, and will be eager to tell them what you know, so that they will be heedful too.Product Features:

Binding : Paperback
Language of Text : English
Number of Pages : 108
ISBN : 9788178982960
SKU 978-8178982960
Language English
Cover Type Soft Cover
Number of Pages 108
Author/Artist Harun Yahya
Publisher Goodword
Manufacturer Goodword

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