Ministers Around The Prophet (S)

Ministers Around The Prophet (S)


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This book contains the biographies of 11 Ministers of the Prophet including: Al-Miqdad bin Amr, Abdullah bin Mas'ud, Hamzah bin Abdul-Muttalib, Abu Bakr, Abu Dharr, Ali, Hudhaifah bin Al-Yaman, Ammar bin Yasir, Bilal bin Rabah, 'Umar, and Ja'far (R)...... Click Here to View Sample Pages
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This book contains the biographies of the following Ministers of the Prophet:

Al-Miqdad bin 'Amr (R)
'Abdullah bin Mas'ud (R)
Hamzah bin 'Abdul-Muttalib (R)
Abu Bakr As-Siddiq (R)
Abu Dharr Al-Ghifari (R)
'Ali bin Abu Talib (R)
Hudhaifah bin Al-Yaman (R)
'Ammar bin Yasir (R)
Bilal bin Rabah (R)
'Umar bin Al-Khattab (R)
Ja'far bin Abu Talib (R)

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Language English
Cover Type Hard Cover
Number of Pages 183
Product Dimension 15 x 22
Author/Artist Abdul Aziz As-Shanawi
Publisher Darussalam
Manufacturer Dar us Salam

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