Islam For Children

Islam For Children


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About The Book

Islam For Children is the book Muslim children, Parents and teachers have been looking for for so long.

This popular classic is a must for all Muslim children, parents, and teachers. It covers the lives of the Prophets, faith, prayer, fasting, charity, pilgrimage, morals, and manners. Learning by doing is emphasized, with plenty of fun things to do for kids 6-12 years: picture puzzles, crossword puzzles, games, coloring, and crafts, making learning about Islam enjoyable and educational. Originally published in Germany, it has already been used successfully in both Muslim homes and weekend classes. The English version has been revised and carries new illustrations.

Includes beliefs, practices, history and stories of the Prophets retold for the young as well as crossword puzzles, colouring and activity pages. Recommended for Key Stage 2. This book contains stories of the prophets, tales about Shahada, prayer, fasting, zakat and pilgrimage (Hajj). Learning by doing things is emphasised, with plenty of things to do: picture puzzles, crossword puzzles, coloring, making a toy, constructing a sundial, and more.


About The Author

AHMAD VON DENFFER was born in Germany in 1949. He studied Islamic and social anthropology at the University of Mainz. He was at the Islamic Foundation, Leicester as Research Fellow in 1978-1984. He is currently working with the Islamic Centre, Munich, Germany.

His other publications include: Literarture on Hadith in European Languages: A Bibliography; a German translation of Nawawi's Forty Hadith; A Day With the Prophet in both English and German; and other works

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Language English
Cover Type Soft Cover
Number of Pages 32
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Author/Artist Islam For Children: Ahmad Von Denffer, Islamic Foundation UK
Publisher Islamic Foundation
Manufacturer Islamic Foundation

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