Henna Brown with Rose

Henna Brown with Rose


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Manufacturer's Description

Henna Brown with Rose 150 gram

Henna in Hemani is accompanied with rose extracts which improves its results and gives your hair better coloring with some hair treatment. Henna in it gives brownish red color which colors hair and also provides hair conditioning. It improves the stregth of the hairs and make them strong. It can be used on hands also and it gives same result.
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Manufacturer's Description

Henna Hemani Brown is free from harmful chemicals and contains only healthy natural herbs. It can be used on hands also and it gives same result

Method of Application:
Pour Henna Powder into a bowl. Add Boiling water gradually then stir slowly until you get a creamy thick liquid. Apply the mixture over Dry Clean Hair and keep it for 30-40 minutes then wash properly. The paste can also ben applied on Dry Clean Hands in desired drawings.

Caution: Hemani Henna Black with Bakhoor is only for external use. Additionally, keep it away from eyes.

Others Colors Available:

Burgundy with Oudh
Black with Bakhoor
Red with Saffron
Manufacured By: Hemani
Ingredients: Henna Powder and Essential Oil
Product Weight: 150g.
Storage Instructions: Keep in Dry and Cool Place Packaging: Packet.


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