Change or Lose

Change or Lose


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Change is not an easy and insignificant issue. It needs a deep insight here to realise that we can't achieve all that we want and desire.

Furthermore, getting what we want and desire may not always be in our best interest. This, of course, requires two things from us:

First: realise the limits of our potentials (and capabilities) in a good way. For instance, the person who is fifty years old can't play on an international football team. Similarly, a person who is in his sixties can't memorize poetry in the same capacity as the twenty years old person. 

Second: we should always aim to make what we desire to achieve within the domain of legal and moderate scope. In case of confusion or if we feel short-sighted, we should seek refuge with Allah, the Almighty, seek His guidance and assistance, then we should be satisfied and happy with what He grants us in terms of good and success.

Binding : Paperback

Language of Text : English

Publication Year : 2014

Number of Pages : 90

Author : Dr. Abdulkarim Bakkar

Publisher : Dakwah Corner Publications

ISBN : 9789675699511

SKU 978-9675699511
Language English
Cover Type Soft Cover
Number of Pages 90
Product Dimension 14 x 21
Author/Artist Dr. Abdulkarim Bakkar
Publisher Dakwah Corner Publications

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