Black Seed Facial Scrub

Black Seed Facial Scrub


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Black Seed Facial Scrub - 150ml
A Soothing natural Black Seed Scrub that deeply cleans your skin with the added benefits of Black Seed and Herbal extracts. The gentle exfoliating action draws out impurities, unclog pores and removes dead, dry cells from the surface of your skin. Natural oil helps replenish lost moisture, protecting your skin from the hash elements giving you a soft, smooth, fresh and healthy skin.

Benefits Of Black Seed Scrub

Deeply Cleans Skin with Black Seed Benefits
Draws Out Impurities
Unclog Pores
Remove Dead Dry Cell From Skin
Helps Replenish Lost Moisture
Protects Skin From Harsh Elements
Gives Skin Soft, Smooth, Fresh and Healthy Skin
Lightens Skin Complexion

Instructions to Use:

Moisten face and body with warm water. Apply a small amount of black seed scrub with wet fingertips and massage gently into skin, avoiding the sensitive areas near your eyes. Rinse well with warm water and pat dry. 

Manufacturer Hemani

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