Baba Salam 2

Baba Salam 2


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A Revolutionary step in Darussalam History!
Baba Salam 2b Toy Laptop A new fun way to help yourself and your kids in memorizing Surahs of the Quran and Dua's (supplications).
Each button on the laptop plays a different Surah or Dua'.
Special Features
* 60 touch buttons (each button plays a different Surah or Dua?)
* Includes all daily Dua?s, last 14 Surahs, last verses of Surah Al- Baqarah, Salat, Dua, Istekhara, Sayyadul Istighfar & many more
* Portable laptop size and shape
* A special gift for children and helpful for parents and teachers.
* Very useful for incarcerated persons and those who have no access to correct pronunciation of the Arabic.
* Makes an excellent gift

* External adapter support
* Requires 2 AA batteries
* You can use rechargeable batteries to save money
Changes in the New & Improved Version
* New colorful design
* Flexible & durable rubber buttons
* Ability to pause
* Ability to advance and reverse - verse by verse
* Ability to go to the next or previous dua/surah
* Automatic shut off feature to save batteries

SKU 086310000022
Language Arabic
Cover Type Hard Cover
Publisher Darussalam
Manufacturer Dar us Salam

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