Sidr Leaves Powder - 100g - Springato


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رياض الصالحين \شاموا
رياض الصالحين \شاموا
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51.82 AED
My Dua Pillow - Candy Floss
My Dua Pillow - Candy Floss
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168.00 AED

Sidr Leaves Powder - 100g - Springato
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Sidr Leaves Powder- 100g

Sidr translates into English as ‘lote’. This is a blessed tree which has been mention by Allah in the Qur’an, it is described as a tree of paradise. Every part of this tree is used for good health and medicinal purposes.It has many earthly uses include disinfecting wounds, healing skin diseases and as an anti-inflammatory and Allah knows best/p>

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1. In Hadees & Quran it is called Sidr (السدر)
2. In English it is called as Jujube, lote tree, lotus tree.
3. Botanical name is Ziziphus spinachristi and Ziziphus jujube.
4. In Hindi it is called as Ber.


It is mentioned 4 times in Quran: -
1. Chapter 34 (Sura) Saba, verse no 16.
2. Chapter 56 (Sura) Waaqiah, verse no 27 to 33.
3. Chapter 53 (Sura) Najm, verse no 7 to 12.
4. Chapter 53 (Sura) Najm, verse no 16-17.
It is mentioned as an Earth tree. Also in one reference it is called as Paradise tree.


Sidrat Al-Muntha at Mehraaj Night: -

1. Hazrat Saleem Bin Aamir رضي الله عنه says that, once a man asked Rasoolullahﷺ, that Allah Ta’lah has spoken about sidr tree (lote tree) in Quran, and this Sidr has thorns which gives pain to people, Rasoolullahﷺ assured him that sidr tree of Jannah will not have thorns & fruit will be in place of thorns, they will have 72 types of colour & taste, & all will be different from each other.
[Tafseer Ibn Kaseer vol. 7; page no. 525]
Benefits of Sidr: -

2. It is mentioned in Fathul Bari that Nabiﷺ guided that, there is no comparison of Sidr (السدر), and there are main 3 benefits (Ausaaf) (اوصاف) of it: - Its shade is cooling and
(ظل ممدود) is relaxing for the people, Its fruit is delicious (طعام لذيذ), It has sweet smell (واءحة ذكيه).
[Fathul Bari volume no. 7; page no. 313]