Hajj & Umrah Activity Book  - Learning Roots


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Quran Medal - Learning Roots
Quran Medal - Learning Roots
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Hajj & Umrah Activity Book - Learning Roots

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70.00 AED VAT Included

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  • Would you like your child to eagerly await the coming of Hajj?

  • Do you feel frustrated because each year, Hajj passes by without your child truly appreciating the blessings of the season?

  • Do you wish your children knew more about Hajj and cherished its inner and outer beauty?

We know how you feel because we’ve been there too. What we really need is a way to both excite and educate our children about Hajj in a way that endears their hearts to the great season and shows its blessings as a golden opportunity for them to get closer to Allah. That’s exactly why we designed the Learning Roots Hajj & Umrah Activity Books.

These incredible books use fun activities to introduce, intrigue and advance learning about the key topics of Hajj in a child’s modern environment. But most of all, your child will be left reeling with excitement about Hajj. Here’s how:

  • We’ve designed these books at mainstream quality standards with Hajj in mind from the ground up. The books contain an outpour of children having fun practising Islam in an environment and context they can relate to.

  • The activities we’ve included are both practical and contextualised so your child will learn not just about the do’s and don’ts of Hajj, but also how Hajj affects their lives, their environment and the world around them.

  • The activities promote core skills so your child exercises a range of behaviours that advance them holistically, ranging from spiritual, mental and creative development.

  • Each page is sprinkled with amazing illustrations showing both boys and girls of all races - displaying the beauty and diversity within the Ummah.

  • We’ve produced these books are two different age ranges so you can find the right level for your child.

  • These books contain bucket loads of faith-filled fun. There are tonnes of activities infused with Hajj learning so your child has fun while learning. Activities include mazes, puzzles, stories, recipes, spot the difference and hundreds of stickers!

  • The activities are hands-on with things to design, make and use. We’ve included cut-outs for games, crafts, activities and even a pull-out 3D Hajj map that your child can personalise.

The Hajj Activity Books are the culmination of years of Hajj-themed products that we’ve produced. The activities build on past products that have brought joy to tens of thousands of Muslim homes around the world. These books have every ounce of our creative energy poured into them.

There are two books included in this set:
Recommended Age: Little Kids Aged 5+ and Big Kids Aged 8+
Format: Paperback Books

To get your set, click the ‘Add to Cart’ button above. May you and your children have an exceptional and accepted season of worship during Dhil-Hijjah.