Extra Virgin Olive Oil Infusions 250ml


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The Outstanding Answer On Visiting The Graves (Al-Jawab-ul-Bahir)
The Outstanding Answer On Visiting The Graves (Al-Jawab-ul-Bahir)
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74.55 AED
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Islam For Children
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43.05 AED

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Infusions 250ml

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Brand: Hemani

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Perfect For Salad Dressing 🥗

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Infusions
Cold-pressed heart-healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oil extracted from superior quality olives, is infused with rich flavours of Garlic, Lemon & Italian Herbs

This garlic-infused Olive Oil spikes up the distinctive flavours of your amazing dishes.

Try garlic bread, pizza, salads, soups, pasta, chicken & vegetable roasts.

Lemon-infused Olive Oil adds a zesty freshness, add it to your kachumber salad, choley, chutneys, dips & sauces, chicken rolls, pasta.

Italian Herbs
Aroma-filled Italian Blend of herbs adds flavorsome aroma to this Olive Oil with rich flavours Basil, Parsley & Mint, and ORegano & Rosemary to bite into for freshness. 
Try dressing salads, soups, pizzas, chicken rolls, etc.

Use as a delicious alternative to your salad dressing, in cooking & roasting. Great for breads & soups for its rich flavour.