Al-Awail Azan Mosque Clock Al Muzakkira FS137-L625 35x50cm


900.00 AED

Shaytaan or Naf's who is our stronger enemy?
Shaytaan or Naf's who is our stronger enemy?
42.00 AED
42.00 AED
Al-Awail Azan Mosque Clock Al Muzakkira F355-L303 45x69cm
Al-Awail Azan Mosque Clock Al Muzakkira F355-L303 45x69cm
1,200.00 AED
1,200.00 AED

Al-Awail Azan Mosque Clock Al Muzakkira FS137-L625 35x50cm
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1.1 Prayer Times:

  • Prayer times and sunrise time are displayed in two different ways (database, coordinates).
  • High-quality Azan sound at each prayer time with blinking alert.
  • More than /30/ different Muezzin sounds (option).
  • Two different modes (Fixed & Sequent) to select Azan sound (option).
  • Displaying Iqama Time (Remaining Time to Iqama) with possibility to set this time for each prayer individually.
  • Two different modes to set Iqama Time (Relative, Fixed).
  • Audible and visible alerts at each prayer and Iqama time.
  • Audio alert before Azan with possibility to change the alert settings.  
  • Connecting AL-Muzakkira to PC via USB port to upload prayer times file for a city (option).

1.2 Date & Time:

  • Lunar/Solar calendar (Hijri/Gregorian) with digital clock.
  • Two different Lunar calendars are now available:
  • Ummul Qura calendar: steady and not adjustable.
  • Hijri calendar: adjustable and calculated from Gregorian calendar.
  • Displaying the Hijri months names and the days of the week.
  • Two different time modes, 12\24 hours.
  • Auto and manual switching of daylight saving mode.

1.3 Other features:

  • Holy Quran recitation with multi choices to playback (option).
  • Easy to control by a Remote Control and a Local Keypad.
  • All volume levels are controlled by remote control.
  • Audio user's guide for all operation modes.
  • Displaying temperature in Celsius (range between 0 ~ 40° C).
  • Displaying temperature in Fahrenheit (option).  
  • Sleep operation mode (displaying time and temperature).
  • Power save mode (from Isha' to Fajr).
  • Two alerts for general purposes with multi choices of the alert sound.
  • Lock and unlock Remote Control.
  • Enable and Disable key tones, every-hour tone and start up tone.
Product Details
Model Number FS137-L625
Frame Color 25
Frame Material Aluminum L6
Power Supply 5v-2.00A
Digital Display Color Red
Digital Display Size 0.56 inch
Width 35 cm
Height 50 cm
Thickness 3.4 cm
Weight 1.7 kg
Width (With Packaging) 53.5 cm
Height (With Packaging) 45.5 cm
Thickness (With Packaging) 5 cm
Weight (With Packaging) 2.6 kg
  1. Remote Control
  2. Battery (AAA 2)
  3. Outer Power Supply
  4. User Guide
  5. Hook

Product Description
Design Name D189 - Light yellow orthographics
Front Panel Content Decorations and inscriptions
Front Panel Language Arabic
Front Panel Subject Islamic
Front Panel Subject General
Product Group Prayer Times Clock