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The Prophet And His Ten Companions Who Were Promised Paradise
The Prophet And His Ten Companions Who Were Promised Paradise
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57.14 AED
The Perfume Seller And The Blacksmith
The Perfume Seller And The Blacksmith
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An accountability companion to The Crowning Venture: Inspiration from Women who have Memorized the Quran.  

If you’ve ever sighed wistfully upon hearing of someone memorizing the Quran, wishing it was something you could do, too, then prepare to replace that wistfulness with determination! Filled with inspirational stories for your heart and memorization techniques for your mind, The Crowning Venture reminds us that memorizing the Quran is not an achievement to be conquered, it’s a journey to savor -A journey YOU can make.

 Imam Shāfiʿī said, “Time is like a sword, either you cut with it or it cuts you.” The pages of this journal are meant to help you manage your time and gain insight on how it is being utilized.


  • Monthly Calendar
  • Monthly Check-in
  • Weekly Planner Pages
  • Weekly Goals
  • Full 24 hour daily timetable
  • Inspirational quotes by Muslim women
  • Quran and Worship Tracking
  • Habit Tracking 
  • Journaling Prompts
  • Prayer Make-up Chart
  • Fasting Make-up Chart
  • Quran Memorization Chart
  • Time-tracker

 This journal will guide you to:

  • Create a clear vision for your Quran Journey and life
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and replace with empowering beliefs
  • Renew your intentions
  • Grow through self-reflection
  • Record joyful moments and gratitudes
  • Make daily affirmations

 Developed by Hafiza Saadia Mian, MD.  Dr Saadia Mian lives in Michigan where she works full-time as an endocrinologist. After completing an undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of Michigan, she went to medical school at Michigan State University.

During this time she went to Syria to study Arabic, Quran and sacred knowledge. She received her Ijaza in the Hafs recitation from Shaykh Abu Hassan Al-Kurdi (May Allah swt be pleased with him) and also from Shaykh Raji Krayyim. She completed the memorization of the Quran and is currently working on obtaining an ijaza al-ghaib (ijaza in memorization).

She helped to launch the Ribaat Quran program and teaches tajwid and Quran memorization for Ribaat. She is a member of the founding board of Rabata and continues to serve while doing all the other things she loves like helping people with their health, traveling, writing, nature walks and spending time with her sisters and nieces and nephews, and drinking chai with her parents.

The Crowning Venture is the winner of the International Book Awards - Religion, General.

Publisher :  Daybreak Press 

Author:  Saadia Mian

Year: 2021

Dimensions :  19 x 26 cm

Language: English