Contributions of the Muslim Women In Giving Sincere Advice


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Sticking to the Prophetic Sunnah & its effects
Sticking to the Prophetic Sunnah & its effects
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33.33 AED
The rights of Elders in Islam
The rights of Elders in Islam
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Contributions of the Muslim Women In Giving Sincere Advice
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Maktabatulirshad Publications is pleased to present a book from Shaykh Doctor Ab? ?Abdul-B?r? Ri?? bin Kh?lid B?sh?mah, a Salafi Shaykh from Algeria, who authored a brilliant book on the rarely talked about subject of how the Muslim woman should advise others. The Shaykh covers various roles that the woman plays and examples of how should give advice to others. May Allah reward the Shaykh with good emensely and continue to preserve him, Ameen.

Small excerpt from the book:

All?h says,

“They are your cover, and you are their cover.” [S?rah al-Baqarah 2:187]

Ibn Kath?r commented,

“In short, the wife and the husband are intimate and have sexual intercourse with each other.”

If that is so, there is no doubt that the wife knows her husband more than anybody else. She knows his true character, traits, morals, worship, commitment to obedience, and she can advise him whenever she notices negligence in his religious commitment or his integrity. This makes her a huge support for him in worshipping All?h and getting closer to Him, and the only way to achieve this is by offering her advice since people with closer relations are more entitled to the advice than those with far relations; and who is closer to the husband than his wife?!

??ishah (may All?h be pleased with her) used to teach women and instruct them to advise their husbands. Mu??dhah narrated that ??ishah said:

“Tell your husbands to clean themselves with water, for I am too shy to tell them myself. The Messenger of All?h (Sallallahu ‘Alayhi wa Sallam) used to do that.”

Al-?All?mah Mu?ammad al-Mukh??r al-Shinq?t? (d.1405 A.H.) remarked,

“This ?ad?th proves that the wife is permitted to instruct her husband to do or not to do if she knows a religious matter he is ignorant of as well as offers her advice to him at whatever she considers best for him.”

The wife’s advice to her husband will positively lead to more affability and intimacy between them. It also proves her love, care, and desire for him to be all good whether this advice is related to something religious or worldly since they are all a part of advice.

Publisher: ? Maktabatulirshad Publications
Author: Shaykh Doctor Ab? ?Abdul-B?r? Ri?? bin Kh?lid B?sh?mah
Translator: ?Abdull?h Omr?n
Format: Paperback
Size: ? 5.5? x 8.5?
Pages:? 100
Publish Year:2016