A Child's Tafseer Book 7 Suratu Nooh (Prophet Noah)


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A Child's Tafseer Book 7 Suratu Nooh (Prophet Noah)

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36.19 AED 36.19 AED 36.19 AED VAT Included 47.25 AED

36.19 AED VAT Included 47.25 AED

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Suratu-Nooh is all about the du’a of Prophet Nooh ….and how Allah answered it.

Page Count: 32

Trim Size: 8" x 10"

Format: Paperback

Color: Full Color

Recommended for 2nd-7th Grade

The book covers one complete surah (chapter) and features:

  • Special facts about the surah that make it unique
  • Arabic text of the entire surah
  • Transliteration of every ayah (verse) to assist non-Arabic speakers in correct pronunciation
  • English translation of every ayah
  • Simplified Tafseer for every ayah, based on the classic Tafseer of Ibn Kathir
  • One sentence summary of what the surah is about
  • Review section at the end of the book
  • Original illustrations to help students remember the topics covered in the surah
  • Coloring page to make learning more fun!