Henna Black Tube for Hands


8.40 AED

Henna Red Tube for Hands
Henna Red Tube for Hands
8.40 AED
8.40 AED
Henna Brown with Rose 150g
Henna Brown with Rose 150g
12.60 AED
12.60 AED

Henna Black Tube for Hands

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Brand: Hemani

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Manufacturer's Description:

Hemani Live Natural Henna :

Hemani Live natural Henna contains natural henna in it. It has natural and fine quality henna obtained from health Henna leaves. It is ready to use Henna paste filled in a Tube which can directly applied on your skin. It reduces your work of making Cone and makes skin decorating an easy and clean task for you. Hemani Live natural Henna is available in Tube which makes Henna application very easy and clean.

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Manufacturer's Description:
Ingredients of Hemani Live Natural :
Hemani Live Natural is made up of natural ingredients only. It does not have any artificial or chemical compound which have harmful effects on skin. All of its ingredients are Herbal and healthy. These ingredients include Red Henna paste, Herbal oil, Terebinth tree oil and Aqua.
Note :
Just like other Natural hennas, Hemani Live natural stains skin from 1-3 weeks. The life of the color depends on the use of soap or creams because soap decreases the life of color and cream increases it.
Method Of Application :
1. Hemani Henna is in tube form
2. Wash your hand
3. Apply it on your skin and make beautiful designs
4. Wait until it dries, then remove the dry henna from your skin
5. Wash your body part with plain water
Available Colors :
- Black
- Red
Country of Origin : UAE
Product Weight : 1.164 OZ ( 33 Grams )
Storage Instructions : Store in a Cool & Dry Place.
Important Note : The ingredients in the product may have Allergic reactions on the skin. It does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Hemani. Test it before usage or consult with your physician prior to following any suggestions provided.