Hing (Compounded Asafoetida -  White Khada)


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Forever Bee Honey
Forever Bee Honey
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Frankincense Somalia (Edible)
Frankincense Somalia (Edible)
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Hing (Compounded Asafoetida - White Khada)

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Brand: Hemani

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Hiltite asafoetida (Asafoetida Arabian resin) is a powerful antimicrobial agent and has an incredibly broad spectrum of properties:
- improves digestion,
- relieves pain in joints with arthritis,
- purifies the blood,
- removes parasites from the body,
- prevents the formation of malignant tumors,
- relieves migraine and headaches,
- relieves cramps during menstruation,
- is effective for colds and acute respiratory viral infections, asthma and diseases of the bronchi and lungs,
- improves the state of the nervous system,
- improves potency, helps to prolong reproductive age,
- used in the treatment of infertility,
- has a tonic effect on the body, etc.

QtyL: 100 gram