Mango Glycerine Soap - Khadi Organique


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Mango Glycerine Soap - Khadi Organique
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Brand: Khadi Organique

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(Suitable for all SKIN Types)

  • Deeply cleanses the skin
  • Reduce acne & premature aging
  • Provides natural moisture to the skin
  • Reduce sebum on the skin
  • Revitalize & smooth your skin
  • Rejuvenate & revive the skin
  • Protects skin from overexposure
  • Scrub out dead skin, dirt & impurities from skin

This natural handmade KHADI ORGANIQUE MANGO GLYCERIN SOAP has antioxidants that help in preventing blockages; breakouts and acne to give you super fresh & moisturized skin throughout the day. This soap contains natural sources of Vitamin A & C which helps to balance sebum, protects from sun damage, & banishes signs of aging like lines & wrinkles. Mango seed butter helps to protect the body from free radicals that damage the skin & induce premature aging for restoring its youthfulness.

Product information

  •            Net weight: 125g / 4.4 oz (when packed)
  •            Suitable for all skin types
  •            Ayurvedic Formulation tends to change color over time. However, the product efficacy remains unchanged.
  •            Formulated in India

      Usage – Ideal to be used every day or twice a day.

      Direction for use- 

           Wet skin with water. Apply soap on a body & generously massage it over all to create lather. Rinse off with warm or cold water.

      HOW TO USE?

            Step 1: Wet skin with water.

            Step 2: Apply soap on a body.

            Step 3: Generously massage over all body.

            Step 4: Create lather.

            Step 5: Rinse off with warm or cold water.




           Avoid direct contact with eyes. Rinse with water immediately if it gets into the eyes.

           Do a patch test before first use.

     Storage Conditions:

          Store in a cool & dry place. Do not refrigerate. Protect from direct sunlight.