Ginseed Honey - Balance


150.00 AED

مصحف الحفظ الميسر - Mushaf Al Hifzul Al Muaisir | Multiple Sizes
مصحف الحفظ الميسر - Mushaf Al Hifzul Al Muaisir | Multiple Sizes
47.25 AED
47.25 AED
Ginseed Honey - Energiser
Ginseed Honey - Energiser
150.00 AED
150.00 AED

Ginseed Honey - Balance
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Our Balance formulation is a 100% natural Anti-Inflammatory blend. Combining the most effective anti-inflammatory super foods known to mankind we’ve created a delicious spoonful of healthy and medicinal goodness. Each ingredient of Ginseed Honey’s Balance on its own has so much to offer, but put them all together and WOW.
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We’re talking:
● Antibacterial Properties
● Anti-inflammatory Benefits
● High levels of Omega-3
● High concentration of Antioxidants
These are just a few benefits we’ve pumped into our BALANCE honey.
Seriously, you’d be here hours if you let us explain all of the ways in which
this honey blend can help you.
Recommended 1 teaspoon daily for optimal benefits.
We suggest you take it on its own, in some hot water, in your tea, porridge,
on toast … or anywhere you need just a bit of sweetness and a lot of wellness.

Ingredients : Natural Raw Australian Honey , Fresh Ginger , Black Seed (Nigella Sativa) , Flax Seed , Chia Seed , Turmeric , Clove , Cinnamon , Pumpkin Kernels , Walnuts and Sultanas.