My Quran Pad | Interactive Arabic Learning Pad For Kids


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Asaan tarjuma e Quran by Mufti Taqi Uthmani - Urdu - Medium Size  (آسان ترجمه قرآن - تشريحات کے ساته
Asaan tarjuma e Quran by Mufti Taqi Uthmani - Urdu - Medium Size (آسان ترجمه قرآن - تشريحات کے ساته
75.00 AED
75.00 AED
The Amazing Muslim Worlds
The Amazing Muslim Worlds
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My Quran Pad | Interactive Arabic Learning Pad For Kids
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The first message given to Prophet Muhammad (), 'Iqra,' meaning 'Read,' emphasises the value of learning. This message, revealed to him through Angel Jibrael, inspires us. To honour this, we've invented a product that nurtures curiosity and encourages a love for learning Arabic.

Meet My Quran Pad! This Islamic learning tool is designed to teach children the Arabic Alphabet. Each key, when pressed, recites a letter, making learning interactive and fun. But that's not all – My Quran Pad also teaches kids animal names in Arabic, beginner words, introductory Surahs, and lovely Nasheeds. It's more than an educational device, it's a journey into the heart of the Quran and Arabic language. We'd recommend using this product from the age 2+, at the start of their language development. 

My Quran Pad
Interactive Arabic Learning Pad
for Kids

Inspire the love of the Quran from an early age.
Connect with the Quran

Meet My Quran Pad,
Interactive Arabic Learning Pad for Kids

We have invented a unique product that invites children to connect with learning the Arabic language, and in turn be connected to the divine words of Allah (SWT) from a young age.

With responsive, interactive keys that cover the entire Arabic alphabet, including short and long vowels, as well as Surahs, Nasheeds, and much more - this is an educational pad that allows children to start the learning process at home. When they are ready to progress to the next level of their education, they will have all the knowledge and inspiration they need to delve deeper.

Be the first person in your child’s life that helps them connect with the words of the divine, Allah (SWT).

Safety & Design Features

  • Unique Push Key Technology
  • Easy to Use Responsive Keys
  • Lightweight designed for Children
  • Made from high-density material
  • No Li-ion, only requires 3 AAA batteries and does not have an lithium batteries inside of it
  • Safety Tested to the Highest Standard


Why Buy This Product?

The Quran Pad includes touch sensitive keys, teaching the main Arabic vowels, Surahs, Arabic animal names, and Arabic words all in one place. It covers all 4 of the main learning styles at once: visual, kinesthetic, audio and text, and allows a child to learn intuitively through play.

Research has shown that giving a child a tablet or phone at a young age may have negative effects on their fine motor skills and memory retention. Using a learning pad allows them to physically interact with the Arabic alphabet and create a foundation of knowledge which will allow them to connect with the Quran for the rest of their life.

Product Features

Fun Keyboard! 49 Easy Touch Keys to Play

Record and Play Again What You Learned

Learn The Arabic Alphabet

Learn Arabic Daily Words & Animal Names

Listen to Surahs & Nasheeds

Quran Recitation by a Qualified Reciter

Free Illustrated Booklet Inside

Safety Tested to the Highest Standard