"Product" means a product displayed for sale on the Website;
"Users/Customers/You" means the users of the Website collectively;
"Personal Information" means the details provided by you on the Website;
"We/us/our" means DeenSquare;
"Website" means the website located at or any subsequent URL which may replace it;
"Seller" means a legal entity (company) that has been approved by us to sell their products through our Website;

We are committed to make our shipping/delivery process as quick, safe and pleasant as possible, because we know how important it is for your goods to arrive on time and in perfect condition. We use competitive regional and international courier delivery services to ensure your items arrive in the quickest and safest way possible.  


Domestic Deliveries (within UAE)

We have entered into an agreement with courier companies to facilitate deliveries. The courier company is responsible to collect the Product from the Seller, deliver it to the Users, collect payment from Users (if applicable) and return the collected amount to us. The courier partner charges a fee to us which is passed on the Users.

Kindly note that delivery area zones are restricted to city limits within the UAE. Non serviceable area zones would result in cancellation of the order, or would require an additional surcharge by the courier company to deliver it to that remote site. In such cases, we will reach out to the Users to identify preferred approach. 

Delivery timelines are generally 2-4 working days depending on the shipping method you choose. This is subject to Users giving accurate delivery address and contact details. We suggest giving a delivery address which is suitable for day delivery . Requests for specific time-slot based deliveries cannot be guaranteed and would remain at the discretion of courier companies.

We shall look to provide courier company contact information and tracking number for transparency purposes. Users are free to contact the courier company directly related to change of delivery address and date of delivery with them, with the premise that this may lead to delayed delivery.

The shipping fee for standard shipping is 12 AED applicable for city limits. Remote areas and out of city shipping fee is 30 AED.

Note: We cannot always guarantee stock availability. In cases where we do not have stock available to fulfil your order, the order may be edited and dispatched accordingly with or without prior notice.


Click & Collect (Pick Up):

1. Shop your products online.

Browse your favorite products on and add them to your basket. If a particular product you have ordered is unavailable, we will notify you by email.

2. Choose your shipping method.

Select Pickup from the shipping page.

3. Pay for your order.

Review your order, make your payment and proceed to the confirmation page by clicking on 'Place Your Order'.

4. Collect your order.

We’ll send you an email when your order is ready. Head to our warehouse with your Order Confirmation Email within 7 calendar days.

Note: We cannot always guarantee stock availability. In cases where we do not have stock available to fulfil your order, the order may be edited and dispatched accordingly with or without prior notice.


International Shipping / Deliveries (outside UAE)

The Website may or may not give the Users a shipping fee for their selected destination country. Fees for International Shipping depends on destination country, weight, mode of transport and product dimensions. Once an order has been received, We will contact the User to explain shipping options with their costs (which may differ from the online quoted price). Thereafter, a revised invoice will be issued based on agreed shipping option.

Cash on Delivery is not available for international deliveries and hence payment needs to be received by us in advance prior to dispatch of goods. We offer several offline payment options, few of which include PayPal and Bank Transfer. Please note that PayPal charges 6% as service fees on the total transacting amount which may be passed on to the User. If the User doesn't wish to incur these charges, you may affect a Bank Transfer or call/email us to explore other payment options that would be mutually convenient.  

Delivery timelines depend on country to country and on shipping mode. A delivery could take less than 3 days or even over a month. It depends if you prefer courier mode or sea cargo or postal mode or some other. Whether it is a personal shipment or commercial shipment. Whether there is a Customs Dutiable component or not. All these factors play a role in determining delivery timelines and costs. 

We shall look to provide courier company contact information and tracking number for transparency purposes.

We understand that shipping fees are not cheap, and sometimes more expensive that the actual product itself. This is beyond our control as this is charged by the courier/cargo companies directly. The User is free to arrange their own shipping, if needed. We can also facilitate stocking your purchased items for a limited period of time until a delivery to your UAE-based authorized representative can be made as per UAE shipping/delivery rules.

Please note that not all products can be shipped outside UAE, hence it is better to contact us at [email protected] to check if the particular product you ordered can be exported. Be advised that every country has different import regulations and Customs fees. These should be known by the User and settled by the User to the regulatory authorities directly. Be aware that the Customs/regulatory authorities can request the User for Official Identity Documents or Licenses to import certain products. Hence, it is the Users responsibility to provide such documentation for clearance purposes.

DeenSquare is not responsible and not liable if the User is unable to clear the shipment from the Regulatory Authorities (including Customs). And in such case, the User would not be entitled to a refund. 

Note: The Delivery Fee you find and pay on the checkout page does not include any Customs fees, Customs Taxes, Customs duties, etc. Each country has their own policies of defining these amounts and applicability in their specific country. These fees are payable by the Customer to the Customs authorities directly by the customer. The courier partner might facilitate to act as an agent to collect the fees from you and pay it to the Customs department.