The Barakah Journal - Plan your day and week with Barakah


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The Barakah Journal - Plan your day and week with Barakah
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Set Weekly and Daily Intentions. Make Barakah a priority. Live the Prophetic Routine. The Barakah Journal is a productivity journal that helps you live a God-centered, intentions-driven lifestyle. An ideal journal for anyone who wants to escape the stressful Hustle Culture approach to planning and enjoy more Barakah in their lives!

  • 8.5 x 5.2 in, perfect for taking with you wherever you go
  • One full-page spread for every daily planning/review, weekly planning, weekly review, and weekly routine planning.
  • Covers a 6-month period.
  • Pages: 256
  • Binding: Hardback covered with thermal-leather material

​How does the Barakah Journal work?

The Barakah Journal is based on the 7 Principles of living a life of Barakah.

Step 1: Start with Weekly Planning

    • Start your weekly planning with gratitude to help you plan with an abundant mindset.

    • Write down 3-5 most important intentions for the list. These can either be a "to-do" list of your most important tasks of the week or a "to-be" list of who you'd like to be during the week.

    • Choose a Barakah Value, Mindset, Ritual, or Experiment to focus on during the week, so you're intentional about adding Barakah to your life.

Step 2: Readjust Weekly Routines


    • ​Plan your habits around prayer times.

    • Align your daily routine to the routine of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

    • Tweak your routine weekly as you learn about what works/doesn't work for you during the week.

Step 3: Commit to Daily Planning & Reflection


    • ​Write down your most important intentions for the day.

    • Make a specific dua or istikhara prayer for your day's intentions.

    • Reflect on your day and how aligned you were with your intentions and your chosen Barakah Culture value, mindset, or ritual.

Step 4: Schedule a Weekly Review


    • ​End the week with gratitude for all that you could accomplish during the week by Allah's permission.

    • Reflect on the intentions you were able to make progress on and those you need to re-commit to again next week.

    • Reflect on what you learned about yourself or Barakah during the week.

How the Barakah Journal Started

For over a decade, we've trained thousands of professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders on living a life of Barakah. This training helped them connect spirituality to productivity and get more ‘done’ with less, but we kept getting the same feedback "This training is so helpful! But how to make Barakah part of our daily lifestyle?". This Barakah Journal is the answer to that question.