Grande Co Box


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Joy of Eid Pencil Box - EID AL ADHA
Joy of Eid Pencil Box - EID AL ADHA
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Grande Co Box
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1,238.10 AED VAT Included

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Brand: Co Chocolat

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An assortment of four (6) Premium Medjoul Dates from Palestine, stuffed with:

Unique Rose from naturally steeped floral rose and air dried rose


Roasted Hazelnut and dipped in High on Happy chocolate, 60%

chocolated sweetened with coconut sugar with crushed hazelnuts;

Covered in 100% pure and unadulterated cacao made into chocolate;

Roasted Slivered Almonds;

Roasted Slivered Pistachios;

Roasted Whole Pecans

Second Layer:

-A clear acrylic tray containing Almond and Gluten-Free Cornfklakes in No Stress Here 45% Milk Chocolate Rocher;

-Dried Fig Fruit in Cube Acrylic;

-Roasted Almond Nuts in Cube Acrylic;

-Roasted Pecan Nuts in Cube Acrylic;

-Hazelnut in Dark Chocolate Dragees;

-Dried Apricot Fruit in Cube Acrylic;

-Mendiants in Cube - Mendiants are the chocolate treat for that clean gut which has just come from a day of fasting or detox.

-Our 60% dark chocolate flavors “High on Happy” and “That Skinny” are the base for the mendiant that is sweetened with the mega-superfood dates and a dash of coconut sugar;

-Roasted Hazel Nuts in Cube Acrylic;

-Caramelized Almonds in Eat Your Greens Chocolate and Green

-Tea Matcha Dragees;

-Pecan in White Chocolate Dragees

Third Layer:

-A clear acrylic tray containing our reduced-sugar cookie truffles;

-A clear acrylic tray containing our guilt-free, gluten-free, cane sugar-free and vegan truffles;

-Our best selling gianduja trio collection of Peanut Butter Swirl, Classic Hazelnut and Green Halzelnut that is gluten-free, cane sugar-free and vegan