Islami Hayati Coloring Book - تلوين إسلامي


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Islami Hayati Set - إسلامي حياتي
Islami Hayati Set - إسلامي حياتي
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76.19 AED
Islami Hayati Flashcards -  إسلامي حياتي بطاقات
Islami Hayati Flashcards - إسلامي حياتي بطاقات
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61.90 AED

Islami Hayati Coloring Book - تلوين إسلامي
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23.81 AED 23.81 AED 23.81 AED VAT Included

23.81 AED VAT Included

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Introducing the "Islami Coloring Booklet," a delightful and educational tool designed to introduce Islamic values to children through the joy of coloring. With 16 engaging coloring pages and 2 sticker pages, this booklet provides a creative and interactive way for young ones to learn about essential concepts such as sharing and performing good deeds.

Key Features:

1. **Islamic Enrichment:**
The coloring booklet is thoughtfully curated to instill important Islamic values in children. Through the act of coloring, kids will explore themes of sharing and performing good deeds in a visually appealing and enjoyable manner.

2. **Interactive Learning:**
Encourage interactive learning experiences by engaging with your child through questions, discussions, and shared coloring activities. The booklet is designed to facilitate meaningful conversations about Islamic principles while fostering creativity.

3. **20 Coloring Pages:**
With a total of 20 coloring pages, each featuring unique illustrations related to Islamic values, children will have a variety of scenes to explore and bring to life with their favorite colors.

4. **2 Sticker Pages:**
The inclusion of two sticker pages adds an extra element of fun and creativity. Children can use the stickers to embellish their colored pages, creating a personalized and visually appealing representation of the lessons they learn.

5. **Pronunciation Guide:**
To aid in the development of language skills, the booklet includes a pronunciation guide. This feature ensures that children not only enjoy the creative process but also become familiar with the correct pronunciation of Islamic terms.


- **Holistic Learning:**
The Islami Coloring Booklet provides a holistic approach to learning, combining creativity with important Islamic values. Children can absorb these teachings in a fun and imaginative way.

- **Quality Family Time:**
Engage in quality family time by participating in coloring sessions, asking questions, and sticking stickers together. This booklet fosters a sense of togetherness as you explore and reinforce Islamic values as a family.

- **Memorable Experiences:**
The combination of coloring and sticker activities creates memorable experiences for children, reinforcing positive behaviors and values associated with Islam.

In summary, the Islami Coloring Booklet is a perfect blend of education and entertainment, allowing children to express their creativity while learning essential Islamic values. Nurture a love for learning and instill a sense of community and compassion in your child through this delightful coloring and sticker adventure.

Publisher: Kanzy

Size: 14 x 20 cm