Islami Hayati Flashcards -  إسلامي حياتي بطاقات


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Islami Hayati Coloring Book - تلوين إسلامي
Islami Hayati Coloring Book - تلوين إسلامي
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Pocket Size Hisnul Muslim (Arabic) - حصن المسلم حجم صغير
Pocket Size Hisnul Muslim (Arabic) - حصن المسلم حجم صغير
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Islami Hayati Flashcards - إسلامي حياتي بطاقات
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Introducing "Islami Hayati Flashcards," an engaging and educational tool designed to facilitate the learning of essential Islamic concepts for young minds. These flashcards are carefully crafted to introduce children to the fundamental pillars of Islam, fostering a strong foundation in their understanding of faith and practice.

Key Features:

1. **Comprehensive Content:**
The flashcard set comprises 35 cards, each highlighting key Islamic concepts. Topics covered include the five pillars of Islam, six pillars of Iman, Ramadan, the five mandatory prayers, ablution, prayer steps, and various other important Islamic terms.

2. **Visual Learning Aid:**
Accompanied by vibrant and child-friendly images, the flashcards provide a visual representation of each concept. This visual aspect enhances comprehension and makes learning enjoyable for young children.

3. **Detailed Descriptions:**
Each flashcard includes a clear and concise description of the featured term. This ensures that children not only recognize the images but also understand the meaning and significance behind each concept.

4. **Pronunciation Guide:**
To encourage correct pronunciation from an early age, the flashcards include a pronunciation guide. This feature helps children develop confidence in articulating Islamic terms accurately.

5. **Interactive Stickers:**
Enhance the learning experience with interactive stickers that can be used in conjunction with the flashcards. These stickers can be placed on corresponding items or used as rewards, adding an element of fun to the educational process.


- **Early Education:**
"Islami Hayati Flashcards" serve as an effective tool for introducing young children to important Islamic principles. Starting early builds a solid foundation for a lifelong understanding of faith.

- **Engaging Learning Experience:**
The combination of visuals, descriptions, and interactive elements makes learning enjoyable and memorable for children, fostering a positive attitude towards Islamic education.

- **Family Involvement:**
These flashcards provide an opportunity for parents and caregivers to engage with their children in meaningful conversations about Islamic values, creating a shared learning experience.

In summary, "Islami Hayati Flashcards" is a thoughtfully designed educational resource that brings the beauty of Islamic teachings to life for young learners. Embrace the journey of discovery and instill a love for Islamic knowledge from the earliest years with this captivating and informative flashcard set.

Publisher: Kanzy

Size of flash cards: 10 x 15 cm