Barakah Culture Cards (3rd Edition)


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Barakah Culture Cards (3rd Edition)
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The Barakah Culture Cards will help you develop the values, mindsets, and rituals that attract Barakah in your personal and professional life.

Designed for Muslim professionals, families, and teams, each set of cards contains 17 values, 17 mindsets, and 17 rituals that will help you have deep and meaningful conversations with family, friends, and colleagues on what it means to live a life of Barakah.

This product is a great companion to the Barakah Journal

Each deck contains 17 mindsets, 17 values, and 17 rituals that are drawn from Quranic verses, sayings of Prophet Muhammad ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him), and Islamic tradition that promote Barakah Culture in a person and team.

It is our intention that with these cards, we can equip individuals and organizations with the tools to have a meaningful conversation on how to adopt Barakah Culture in their lives and fight the madness of Hustle culture.

How to use the Barakah Culture Cards for yourself and your team?

There are several ways to play with these cards, and you can use your imagination and creativity to come up with imaginative ways to make the most of these cards for learning and training purposes.

Step 1: Give each individual a set of cards.

Step 2: Ask each person to go through all the cards and divide them into 2 piles:

PILE 1: Place here the mindsets, values, and rituals that you’re currently adopting/implementing in your life.

PILE 2: Place here the mindsets, values, and rituals that you need to work on (or adopt in the future).

Step 3: From PILE 1, pick 3 mindsets, 3 values, and 3 rituals that are MOST important to you (this is not to say that the rest are not important, but these 9 cards are your non-negotiable ones, no matter the circumstances you face in life).

Step 4: If you’re playing these cards with a team, share your top three mindsets, values, and rituals with the rest of the team and explain why. This would lead to eye-opening discussions on what’s most important to each individual team member, and how all team members are complementing each other on Barakah Culture.

Step 5: From PILE 2, pick ONE mindset, ONE value, and ONE ritual that you’ll focus on as an individual in your personal/professional life in the next 3 months.

Step 6: If you’re playing these cards with a team; after everyone shares their one mindset, values, and rituals that they need to work on. Decide on what would be the ONE mindset, ONE Value, ONE Ritual that you’ll work on together as a team.


At this point, the exercise is over, however, to ensure that  Barakah Culture becomes part and parcel of your personal and professional development, it’s important to set up regular “Barakah – CheckIn” days with yourself and team to discuss the progress and challenges of adopting Barakah culture in your personal/professional lives.


Here is a fun and educational way for using the Barakah Culture Cards in your organization.


  1. Divide the team into 2 teams: Team A and Team B.
  2. Place one deck of cards face time in the center of the room divided into the 3 sets of mindsets, values, and rituals.
  3. Ask for a representative from team A to come forward and pick one mindset, one value, and one ritual from the deck.
  4. The Challenge: They have 1 min to get Team A to guess what is the mindset, value, and ritual they picked up without saying those 3 words! They can give clues or share a story, but they can’t use the 3 words they picked up.
  5. If Team A gets the 3 words correctly, they get 5 points. If they can’t guess all 3 words correctly by the end of the 1-minute challenge, Team B will have one chance to guess the 3 words and get the 5 points.
  6. Switch to Team B and repeat the challenge! The team with the highest scores wins the game.

The keyword here though is “play”. We want people to engage with these cards as a playful, yet meaningful and thoughtful, exercise.

Additional Discussion Prompts

  1. Connecting Barakah Culture Cards to Issues: Identify issues affecting the team and organization. Connect the cause of the issue to a lack of any Barakah Values, Mindsets or Rituals. Discuss actionable steps.
  2. Connecting Barakah Culture Cards to Experiences: Ask team members to share one Barakah Mindset, Value, or Ritual which they learned through experience and the impact that experience had on their personal and professional development.
  3. Connecting Barakah Culture Cards to Family: Identify a card that represents a Value, Mindset or Ritual you have learned from a parent or grandparent, or that you have taught to your children. Share the value and what it means to you / your family.


  • Dimensions: Width: 2.5 inches, Length: 3.5 inches
  • Cards: 52
  • Weight: 103 grams
  • Printed in the USA