Social Justice in Islam


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A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam
A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam
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Parent's Love and Other Islamic Stories
Parent's Love and Other Islamic Stories
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Social Justice in Islam
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Western theoretical approaches of modernization, development, social progress and interaction, have failed to understand the dynamics of the Islamic revival. Deina Abdelkader, in this seminal work argues that questions of social justice are indelibly tied to the phenomenon of contemporary Islamic resurgence as the quest for social justice is in fact motivated by the Shariah-hence an integral part of Islamic life and weltan-shauung. Using the two sources of maqasid and maslahah, and through the examination of the dialectical link between fiqh and reality, the author shows their indispensability as important methodological tools for the study of the social sciences and, indeed, of social phenomena.Language of Text : English

Publication Year : 2005

Number of Pages : 220

Author : Deina Abdelkader

Publisher : Goodword Books

ISBN : 9788178982908