Towards A Successful Marriage


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The illustrious life of Muhammad ﷺ by imam ibn al jawzi
The illustrious life of Muhammad ﷺ by imam ibn al jawzi
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57.75 AED
IBN TAYMIYYAH On Creation EX Materia
IBN TAYMIYYAH On Creation EX Materia
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Towards A Successful Marriage
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The book covers all needed to make a fantastic husband to one's wife, and of course, a fabulous wife to one's husband. The contents showed that the book stemmed from the author's interactions with couples who once had their marriages on the line, or whose marriages regrettably crumbled. This invariably makes the book written from an experiential point of view. Most commendable, for me, is the writing style adopted by the author for better comprehension and practicability. The words used are simple and straight to the point. The chapters are sequentially arranged and the expressions meticulously coherent. Given the lamentable spate of divorce in our time, especially among young couples, a book of this nature, wherein husbands and wives are taught how to symbiotically relate with each other, is not only necessary but sacrosanct. It's a book to be read by singles and married, encouraged by parents, and used by professional and clerical counselors to settle marital discords.

Author: Majeedah Ashim Idris
size: 9x11 inches
Binding: Paper back
Publisher: Darrussalam
Publishing Year: 2021
Pages: 98