My First Salah Book: Why and How We Pray (Hardcover)


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The Way to Jannah (2nd Edition)
The Way to Jannah (2nd Edition)
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My First Salah Book: Why and How We Pray (Hardcover)
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Brand: Learning Roots
Language: English

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This Kiitab-enabled book is perfect for kids who want to understand the purpose and meaning of prayer, and how it connects us to God.

With easy-to-follow instructions and colorful illustrations, this book will guide you through each step of the prayer process. You'll learn everything from how to prepare yourself for prayer to the movements and recitations you need to make.

But that's not all – this book will also help you understand why prayer is so important in Islam. You'll discover the many benefits of establishing a daily prayer routine, including how it can help you develop self-discipline, find inner peace, and connect with Allah.

So get ready to embark on an exciting journey of discovery as you learn about the beauty and significance of prayer in Islam!

About the Author

Azhar Majothi
Azhar Majothi is not just any Islamic author and researcher - he's a force to be reckoned with in the world of Islamic literature! Hailing from Leicester, UK, Azhar is a true gem in the field, and his contributions have made a significant impact on the preservation of Islamic intellectual heritage. From translations of classical Islamic texts to contemporary works, Azhar has authored several pieces that have helped make Islamic knowledge accessible to a wider audience. His works are a testament to his dedication and passion for empowering young Muslims to develop a deeper understanding of their faith.

Not only is Azhar a renowned author and researcher, but he is also a university lecturer who is highly respected in his field. He remains humble and grounded, dedicating his time to community service projects and spending quality time with his family. Azhar Majothi is a true inspiration to many, and his work will continue to educate and inspire readers around the world for generations to come.

Yasmin Mussa
Yasmin Mussa is the Co-Founder of Learning Roots and currently serves as a Director, helping to grow the business as one of the world’s leading Muslim publishers for children. Having authored several best-selling children’s books, she has also helped pioneer an Arabic language curriculum program that continues to benefit thousands of children worldwide.

Yasmin has a formidable track record in education leadership, spanning 20 years, having founded two Islamic supplementary schools and earlier served as Head of Department at four educational institutions. She continues to help support and grow the Islamic Education sector through her consultancy work.

Outside education, Yasmin’s pursuits include founding an award-winning Baby Accessories brand and a coveted culinary service. Yasmin’s proudest achievement, however, is raising her four children with the support of her husband in the green suburbs of London.

Zaheer Khatri
Zaheer Khatri founded Learning Roots in the winter of 2004 and has been at the helm of the company ever since (hence the title ‘Captain’!). He has steered Learning Roots to an established position in their publishing niche with international acclaim and reach in over 30 countries. He has also had the pleasure of authoring some of our bestselling children’s storybooks.

Prior to Learning Roots, He was a Mathematics Teacher at a Secondary School in London and a Special Project Coordinator at an FE College before that. He also served as a Head Master at a private primary school along the way!

He is a graduate of the London School of Economics, with a major in Maths and Economics. He followed that with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education which started his career in education. Zaheer then completed a Masters in Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Assessment which gave him a thorough grounding in the field of Education.

Zaheer is currently living in London with his wife and four children. When he is not busy running, reading, or writing, you might just find Zaheer on nature trails up craggy mountains.

ISBN: 9781915381125
ISBN-10: 1915381126
Publisher: Learning Roots Ltd
Publication Date: April 30th, 2024
Pages: 92
Language: English