Tawakkul : Trust and Reliance on Allah
Tawakkul : Trust and Reliance on Allah

Tawakkul : Trust and Reliance on Allah


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Tawakkul (trust and reliance) on Allah has a tremendous place in the stations of servitude to Allah, Allah distinguisher his believing slaves from other than them by it, so whoever does not place tawakkul in Allah in essence, then indeed he is a disbeliever, and whoever places Tawakkul in Allah and in other than him, then he is a polytheist, and whoever places tawakkul in Allah alone, then indeed he is a monotheist believer whom Allah loves and is pleased with regards to his actions and statement, because he based them on a sound foundation.
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Shaykh Saalih mentions the definition, conditions and fruits of Tawakkul, as well as a clarification of the difference between Tawakkul and Tawkeel (deputation). Sheikh Dr. Saleh Ibn Fawzan Ibn Abdullah from the family of Fawzan from the people/tribe of ash-Shamaasiyyah. After his graduation from the Faculty of Sharee'ah, he was appointed a teacher within the educational institute in Riyadh, then transferred to teaching in the Faculty of Sharee'ah. Later, he transferred to teaching at the Department for Higher Studies within the Faculty of the Principles of the Religion (usool ad-deen). Then he transferred to teaching at the Supreme Court of Justice, where he was appointed the head. He then returned to teaching there after his period of headship came to an end. He was then made a member of the Permanent Committee for Islamic Research and Fataawa, where he continues to this day. Member of the Council of Senior Scholars, and member of the Fiqh Committee in Makkah (part of ar-Raabitah), and member of the Committee for Supervision of the Callers (du'aat) in Hajj, whilst also presiding over (his main role) membership of the Permanent Committee for Islamic Research and Fataawa. He is also the Imaam, khateeb and teacher at the Prince Mut'ib Ibn 'Abdul-'Azeez Masjid in al-Malzar. He also studied at the hands of a number of scholars from al-Azhar University (Egypt) who specialized in hadeeth, tafseer and Arabic language. One of the Respected Scholars Amongst the Salafi School

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Author/Artist Shaykh Saalih al Fawzaan
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