Noor Kids: Agents of Change
Noor Kids: Agents of Change
Noor Kids: Agents of Change

Noor Kids: Agents of Change


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Islam is not a religion of isolation. It is a way of life that is tied to the community and country in which we live. In this book, we seek to help children (a) feel ownership of the circumstances within their local Muslim community and broader non-Muslim community, (b) understand that Allah (SWT) does not change the condition of a people who do not first change themselves, and (c) appreciate the importance of participating in our local government to improve our communities.
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In the first story, Help Me, Help You, Asad recognizes a need for childcare at his mosque. After facing setbacks, he witnesses Allah’s (SWT) promise to assist those who assist others.

In the second story, Not My Park, Amira realizes that her beloved Bass Lake Park is in danger, and that it is her responsibility to save it. By participating in local politics, Amira finds a way to make an impact.

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