Ihram with Ihram Belt
Ihram with Ihram Belt

Ihram with Ihram Belt | الإحرام مع حزام العمرة والحج


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Made from 100% Polyester, designed perfectly for the requirements of your Umrah or Hajj journey. Ihram are non-stitched and well packaged with both pieces folded carefully.
For men, the two piece ihram clothing must be worn in a specific manner. A sheet must be worn wrapped around the body from naval to knee. A belt is normally tied to secure the garment. The second sheet is placed over the left shoulder and tied around the body, leaving the right shoulder exposed.
Standard 2 piece ihram pack for Hajj or Umrah
Weight: 1200g

Material: Polyester
Good finish and high absorbent white towel..
Soft and comfy
Free from sewn Also Included is Dual Pocket Ihram Belt which can be tied to secure the garment as well as keeping valuables such as money safe.



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